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White County Office of Emergency Management

White County EM Coordinator: Tyler Mize



Our purpose is to protect White County Citizens and their property from the effects of natural, man-made, and technological disasters.

We will work together with all county departments and elected officials. The DEM Coordinator attends continuing education seminars throughout the year in order to stay abreast of changes to ensure responsible assistance and aid for the Citizens of White County.

To fulfill our charge, we recognize the four phases of emergency management:



Planning, training and exercising on how to respond to man made or natural disasters and emergencies.

  • LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee)

  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Homeland Security

  • Planning

  • Be Ready

  • Training

  • Exercise


Assisting the local jurisdiction to return to a normal lifestyle

  • Other Needs Assistance

  • Role of FEMA



Coordination actives and resources as the emergency is evolving

  • EM Field Operations

  • County Emergency Managers

  • Certified Floodplain Manager  



Ways to reduce or eliminate loss if the same event occurs

  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

  • Pre disaster Programs


What is the role of the White County Arkansas EM?

EM is charged with supporting the national system of emergency management. EM provides for the national emergency management system by encouraging the development of comprehensive disaster preparedness and assistance plans, programs, capabilities, and organizations by the State and its local governments. EM ensures that funding is located, acquired and provided to White County law enforcement, fire fighters through grant funding. Hazardous Materials Program; Hazard Mitigation Program; Public Assistance Program; Emergency Grant Program; and other initiatives and programs, as allowed.

Because disasters often disrupt the normal functioning of governments and communities, and adversely affect individuals and families with great severity, special measures, designed to assist the efforts of the affected jurisdictions in expediting the rendering of aid, assistance, and emergency services, and the reconstruction and rehabilitation of devastated areas are necessary. EM provides the organization necessary to facilitate the rapid acquisition and delivery of resources necessary to recover from "major" disasters.


Emergency Management Responsibilities

  • Citizen Documentation to report the effect of disasters’, tornado, flood, and contamination.

  • Health and Safety Officer 

  • Grant Management

  • 911 Addressing 

  • ACT 833 Fire Fighters Grant

  • Emergency Operation Guide

  • Annual Update of information


  • Mitigation Plan

  • Tier II Hazards

  • Fire Coordinator representing 30 White County Fire Departments

  • LEPC Chairman

  • Quorum Court Annual Report

  • Certified Floodplain Manager 

  • Report to  FEMA and ADEM

  • Respond to Hazard Calls


To request more information:

Contact the EM

Mon-Fri 8am - 4:30pm

Phone: 501.279.6277
Fax: 501.279.6278

2301 Eastline Road
Searcy, AR 72143

New or Change of address requests for White County Citizens
Contact: White County EM Office
Phone: 501.279.6277


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